Shimmering Verify Desktop Application User Guide

What is Shimmering Verify

Shimmering Verify’s Desktop App and network biometric security solution provides a new level of secure, convenient access/control. Shimmering Verify allows you to unlock your PC using your biometric information via your webcam or audio system, in less time and with more security than you can type your password. Isn’t it time your computer recognized the real you the way your friends do?

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The application contains the following features which can be activated depending of the package you have purchased.
• Windows login: login with face or speaker recognition
• Shimmering Verify Day plugin: track your face evolution
• Shimmering Verify Lock plugin: auto Lock when you leave
• Logonscreen Themes: customize your logon screen
• Hijackers Tracking: take a picture of the culprit
• Security Levels: choose the ease of access to your account
• Multimodels: create multiple face or speaker models for different conditions
• Anti-spoofing: check for liveliness

Please refer to this table for package comparison.