Shimmering Verify Desktop Application User Guide

Using Shimmering Verify Login

Interface Description

Shimmering Verify Login plugin adds a new authentication possibility using face recognition.


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Settings of the plugin are accessible through Shimmering Verify Control Center as described below.


Shimmering Verify Settings

sv-login settings


  • Use Shimmering Verify to login: this will enable Shimmering Verify interface (with face recognition) at computer start up.
  • Shimmering Verify Login display
    • smart display, a user list with pictures is displayed at login / switch user
    • professional display (automatic on a Windows domain)
  • Use Shimmering Verify to unlock my session: this will enable Shimmering Verify interface (with face recognition) to unlock your session.
  • Shimmering Verify Login theme :
    • You can define a theme or simply a personal background image (format jpeg, JPG) for the Shimmering Verify logon screen.
    • Different themes can be set to login (applies to all users) and the lock interface (applies to your account, when you lock it).
  • If you want to save the hijackers that enter a wrong password when your session is locked, you must enable a theme (because the wrong password must be typed in the Shimmering Verify interface).


Hijackers tracking

When Hijackers tracking is activated, a picture is taken of people trying to use the computer and the face recognition doesn’t match an authorized person. Starting from version 2.4.3, a notification is displayed when you log back into your session if a hijacker has been captured.




Pictures of attempted Hijackers are available from the Control Center in “Shimmering Verify Lock” tab. Click on the “view Hijackers” button. For more information about hijackers’ configuration, please refer to the information about the settings.