Shimmering Verify Desktop Application User Guide

Using Shimmering Verify Lock


Permanent protection

The permanent protection is a Shimmering Verify feature that is able to lock your computer automatically when:

  • nobody is in front of the computer
  • somebody is in front but his or her face doesn’t match with the current face model. The “face authentication” option of the Shimmering Verify Lock must be enabled. If an unauthorized person (a hijacker!) tries to use the computer there is an option to take a picture of them, see settings for more information.

There are different ways to launch permanent protection.

  • From within “Shimmering Verify Lock” tab in Shimmering Verify Control Center by checking the “Enable Shimmering Verify Lock plugin” button and clicking on the “Apply” button.
  • Via the Start menu – click on Programs→Shimmering Verify→Shimmering Verify permanent protection.




The options are:

  • “Disable/Enable LockEngine”: this stops/restarts the permanent protection. You will have to confirm your Windows password.
  • “Open Control Center”: view Shimmering Verify Control Center.
  • “Languages”: change the language of the application
  • “Quick Adapt”: view Adapt your face model.
  • “About Shimmering Verify”
  • “Quit”: quit the application. You have to confirm your Windows password.


Hijackers tracking

When Hijackers tracking is activated, a picture is taken of people trying to use the computer and the face recognition doesn’t match an authorized person. Starting from version 2.4.3, a notification is displayed when you log back into your session if a hijacker has been captured.




Pictures of attempted Hijackers are available from the Control Center in “Shimmering Verify Lock” tab. Click on the “view Hijackers” button. For more information about hijackers’ configuration, please refer to the information about the settings.


Shimmering Verify Settings


  1. Enable Shimmering Verify Lock plugin: When this option is checked, Windows is allowed to launch the Permanent protection at start-up. If Shimmering Verify Lock is not yet running and that you check this box and click on the Apply button, Shimmering Verify Lock plugin will start.
  2. Timer modes: You can either choose to check after a certain amount of time of inactivity (if you let your computer idle for a while) or every x seconds.
  3. Don’t run if I am running a full screen application: This option allows to disable the Shimmering Verify Lock (permanent protection) when you are running a full screen application. This can be useful for example when you watch a movie and do not stay close to your screen (and webcam).
  4. Check modes : There are two different modes :
    • Nobody is in front of the computer: face detection only. Detect if somebody is in front of the webcam (faster).
    • I am no longer in front of the computer: face authentication. Check if the person matches with the Shimmering Verify account (safer).
  5. Hijacker tracking: Enable the hijacker tracking. View Hijacker Tracking above.