Shimmering Verify Desktop Application User Guide

Using Shimmering Verify “Daily”

Shimmering Verify Day is a plugin of Shimmering Verify software which allows you to track your face evolution by saving automatically one image day after day. Shimmering Verify Day gives you the possibility to view, export and share the video of your face evolution.


How to use Shimmering Verify Daily

Nothing easier. Simply enable the plugin in Shimmering Verify Control Center and let Shimmering Verify automatically save a picture of you every time you are authenticated with face recognition. During the last three days, Shimmering Verify will save up to five images per day. This allows you to manually select if you prefer one of the images suggested. This list images is displayed on the right. We call it the “history”. If you do not select any of the suggested images, Shimmering Verify will automatically select (the fourth day) the one it judges the best, i.e. the image whose face is most centered and of a good size.


sv-daily table


Shimmering Verify Daily Interface

All the settings of the Shimmering Verify Day are available through the Shimmering Verify Day tab in the Plugins list of Shimmering Verify Control Center.

  1. Enable Shimmering Verify Day plugin
  2. Preview Settings: this button allows you to access the preview settings to choose the way you want to see your face evolution.
  3. Take a snapshot: this button allows you to open an interface to take a picture manually.
  4. Export and Share your Video: this button opens a wizard which will help you to export and share your video.
  5. Online Help: this button opens the online help you are reading.


Shimmering Verify Daily Preview Settings


sv day settings


  1. Shimmering Verify enhancement: these settings will allow you to optimize the alignment and scaling of your face to make a more convenient video of your face evolution.
    1. Align faces: when enabling this option, Shimmering Verify will analyze your daily face database to find the mean of positions of your faces. When viewing this video, Shimmering Verify will align the pictures so that your faces will appear in the same positions.
    2. Scale faces: depending of the distance you are from the camera, the size of your face can vary in the image. When checking this option, Shimmering Verify will try to scale the images in order your faces still appear with the same size. This option makes sense only if the faces are aligned.
    3. Display only my face: because of the alignment and scaling, some black regions may appear on the image (missing information). You may want to crop the image around your face and keep only the region you want. The margin of the face surrounding box (in pixels) allows you to choose this region.
  2. Preview speed: This will affect the number of images played by seconds, or framerate (fps). You have the possibility between:
    1. Slow : 2 fps
    2. Medium : 5 fps
    3. Fast : 10 fps
    4. Very fast : 20 fps
  3. Loop the preview: When this option is checked, Shimmering Verify will play the movie again and again.
  4. Rewind: This option allows you to play the movie from the end to the beginning.


Take manually your daily facial image

You may want to take your daily picture manually (to make a special facial expression for example).




When clicking on the “Take a snapshot” button, Shimmering Verify will present you the image.




“Try again” button will display the webcam stream again to take another picture. “Keep it” button will save this image as your daily image.


Video exportation and sharing

Once you are happy with the preview settings, you can export your video. To help you exporting your video, we made the following wizard. Note: you need at least two images (two different days) to access this wizard.




  1. Export only a part of the movie: this option allows you to export the video between specific dates range. You can choose the dates using the combo boxes.
  2. Display the date on the movie: this option allows you to display the date on the movie. The date will appear in the center at the bottom of the image.
  3. Save video in folder: use the browse button on the right to choose the path where to save the video.
  4. Begin exportation: then click on the Begin exportation button to start the export. A progress bar indicates the current state of the process.




Once finished, the following buttons become enabled:

  1. Open file location : display the file in the windows explorer
  2. Launch movie : will try to start the movie using the default video player (it should be “Windows media player” for most of you)
  3. Share: allows you to share your video on Facebook. You will need to enter your facebook credentials, as well as to accept Shimmering Verify application to post the video on your wall. Note that it may take a while until the video appears on your wall.