When I did a search for passwords in Google this morning there were over 64,000,000 results that I could read through. Yikes! Does that make this the 64 Million Dollar Question?

The most popular searches are:

  1.  How to create a strong or secure password
  2. Tricks on how to remember passwords
  3.  Where to purchase password cracking programs

Honestly, passwords have become an inconvenient and ridiculous annoyance.  Most of us by now have password fatigue and let’s all finally admit to ourselves that we end up using the same one for almost everything. This breaks any actual security power they could have.

It’s understandable that we have become lazy with our passwords, since we are required to create one for most things we want to engage with on the web.  Using the easy to remember password is the most insecure, costly habit we’ve fallen into, but we still do it.  We use easy names and words, because it takes too much of our effort to do anything else.  That is until now!

We here at Zero Gravity Solutions feel your pain – which is why we developed Shimmering Verify!

Let me make this simple.  Use your face to secure your data.  I’ll say it again, Use your own biometric ID and forget about all those quirky passwords to secure your data.  Forget about the password notebook you carry around with you and just use your face.

We need to pull our heads out of the sand.  It’s time we stop hoping ID theft won’t happen to us or our loved ones.  It’s time to stop wishing that we don’t become the victim of a hacker who cleans out our accounts, charges on our credit, leaving us a mess that we spend the next 6 months to a year trying to dig ourselves out of.

Biometric ID security is real, it works, it’s friendly and doesn’t cost an arm and leg and by implementing it more and more places we will eventually make ID theft almost impossible.  Maybe, the concept is so simple that you may not have connected to the idea of it yet?

Today is your wakeup call and the message for us all is to get real. Get real about identity theft. Get real about computer security and protecting all our precious data.  Get real that technology has caught up to the need for an easy, simple and highly secure solution that’s available to everyone.

Forget about passwords and use the things that can’t be taken from you, your biometric ID (face and/or voice verification). Shimmering Verify is the biometric ID protection you’re looking for.

Join the movement to protect yourself for Real.