Shimmering Verify Enterprise

Network-based Biometric Access | Control ID Security Solution

Cloud Based Service

Authenticated Access to Cloud-based Services

Uses Standard Devices

Access your Stored Files with any Web browser

Works as Remote A/C Verification Tool with Internet Connection Present

Cross-Platform Capability

Key Elements

Access Control to Facilities or Services

Continuous ID Refinements

Control over Validation Intervals

Variable ID Confidence Threshold

Financial / Military Grade User Authentication

Mobile Device Support

Targeted Security

Automated Notification and Log Generation

Escalation Upon Intrusion Detection of No Image

Disconnect other Programmable Action on Intrusion Detection

Record Image of Unauthorized Intruders

Premium Upgrades

Can use other Biometric Access Readers  – i.e. Fingerprint, Heart Sinus Rhythm

Upgrade to Enterprise Gold! For a Single Biometric Sign-on to Enterprise Systems for your Entire Organization

Upgrade to Daily Recorded Image at Log-in. Watch Yourself Mature!

Go Premium!

Upgrade to Enterprise Gold for a full biometric single sign-on Enterprise access/control solution.

Includes coverage for physical locations, systems and network resources.

Get the Triple Advantage:
✔︎ Cost savings with faster biometric employee logins.
✔︎ Maintains an electronic perimeter for the organization.
✔︎ Uses Multi-Method/Multi-Layer – Biometric Access/Control

Biometric reader options: Fingerprint, Heart Sinus Rhythm, Voice Print, Facial Recognition.

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