Shimmering Verify Desktop

Instant Facial Recognition* Access to your Personal Computer

*other Biometric readers are available

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Desktop Installed Application

Uses Standard Mobile Camera Device and Microphone for Access/Control

Download as a Standalone Access Application for Each Computer – No Expiration

Cross-Platform Capability

Key Elements

Can also Perform Voice Analysis

Continuous ID Refinements

Control over Validation Intervals

Variable ID Confidence Threshold

Financial / Military Grade User Authentication

Targeted Security

Automated Notification and Log Generation

Escalation Upon Intrusion Detection of No Image

Disconnect other Programmable Action on Intrusion Detection


Can use other Biometric Access Readers  – i.e. Fingerprint, Heart Sinus Rhythm

Integrates to S|V Enterprise for a Single Secure Logon to Enterprise Systems.

Upgrade to Daily Recorded Image at Log-in. Watch Yourself Mature!

All The Right Things

x  No Post-it notes.

x  No more “Reset your password” reminders.

✔︎ Your face is your access.

✔︎ Military and Bank security grade with the convenience of simply looking at your computer!

Take that Identity Thieves!

Join the Campaign to End Identity Theft!

For $14.99 your computer will recognize you as your friends do!