The world is changing faster than ever and in recent years so has the possibility of having our personal information and identity robbed from us. Some have even experienced this multiple times!  With the increase of ID theft as a reality, most of us  remain unaware at how vulnerable we are and how urgent it has become to protect our own identity by securing our private information.

Knowing we are secure and trust in the world around us is part of living a happy and productive life. Knowing you and your loved ones are protected from identity theft makes life that much more enjoyable.

Being aware is to be prepared.  Technology is providing honest people with the tools to have a fighting chance against identity fraud. With the creation of ingenious security solutions, we are becoming acutely aware and educated in the need to be proactive vs reactive in securing our personal data.

Biometric protection is the only truly unique and reliably secure choice to locking down all your devices and private information. Shimmering Verify is the only fully integrated, platform agnostic, biometrically secure solution you will ever need.

Passwords are out, Biometrics are in!  Passwords have become obsolete due to the fact they are overused, weak, insecure and most of all offer a false sense of security, their most dangerous trait.  Biometric Identity verification systems use your unique biometric blueprint as your access code.  There’s no way to trick a biometric system into granting access for anyone other than YOU! Therefore, insuring the highest level of identity protection available and making your unique ID record useless to ID thieves.

Forget about passwords and start using the one thing no one can take from you – YOUR FACE!  Creating a Shimmering Verify biometric profile couldn’t be easier. The easy to follow steps make protecting your privacy a simple, but highly powerful security solution.

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