Shimmering Verify: A New Standard in Security

Historically, there has always been a trade-off between convenience and security. While technology searches for improved protocols for protecting access to confidential data, 70% of users favor no passwords or easy “remember me” access to their cloud-based data, mostly unaware of the security risk their preference for convenience poses for others who share their data.

In order to persuade more users to use adequate security measures, any new security solution must be more convenient without sacrificing effectiveness.

Current offerings require long waits, many tiered user steps, and specialized equipment in order to be effective. Traditional “what you know” barriers to entry, such as user names, emails, and passwords, are easily overcome with features like “keep me logged in” or “remember me” preferences–particularly on mobile devices which 22% of their owners will lose each year with only half ever getting returned

More effective “who you are” biometric security options, such as thumbprints, voice and facial recognition, require specialized equipment and infrastructure, force the user to wait, and often result in an unacceptable level of false negatives. At this level of security, the value of the data is expected to justify the cost in time, effort, and convenience to the user.


With Shimmering Verify, your face is your key.

Shimmering Verify combines best of class technologies with proprietary learning protocols to create a “who you are” security approach to accessing data with the user convenience of smiling. Shimmering Verify is a cross-platform, cloud-based security API that uses continuous facial biometric data to proactively authenticate users, continuously detect unauthorized or absent users and respond by blocking access, reporting abuse and implementing protocols to safeguard data. Its proprietary process produces 10 times more accurate results in eliminating false negatives and positives.

Cloud-based services offer the greatest opportunities for extremely convenient and powerful security.

Industry Solutions for Shimmering Verify include:

  • Cloud-based Services and platforms
  • Multi-application environments
  • Learning
  • Financial services
  • Applications
  • Cloud IT Services
  • Content providers for E-learning
  • Individual training and education facilities
  • Physical Access Control

Shimmering Verify opens a path that enables schools, associations and businesses to securely offer classes and certifications online that previously, due to security or certification requirements, they could offer only in the live classroom environment. The key to Shimmering Verify’s success is cost effective, proactive security combined with a positive and convenient user experience. Shimmering Verify transcends the security of the live classroom through consistent, reliable and continuous verification of the identity of the student- using tools the live classroom cannot duplicate.

Shimmering Verify offers aggressive pricing and customized personal service.

We are currently selling Shimmering Verify on an annual and/or monthly subscription basis when purchased by content providers, platform providers, individual training and education facilities.

Currently, our competition provides only traditional Login and biometric security technologies “on the network perimeter” confirming only user name, password or identity at the time of Login. Neither solution provides continuous authentication over the duration of an online session, and if automated, to do so would require a disruption of the users workflow, demand strict adherence to comprehensive password management, and may require the purchase of expensive hardware in order to provide a level of confidence similar to Shimmering Verify.

Only biometric authentication solutions can confirm the identity of the user (“who they are”) other authentication solutions in use today can confirm only that the person making the request has knowledge of the password (“what they know”) which could include lost, stolen or shared personal information.

Shimmering Verify is experienced in security.

Shimmering Verify is staffed by experienced managers and technology partners with more than 50 years of combined experience in protecting corporate intellectual property, providing identity authentication services to education, banks and governments and utilizing online business models including SaaS to sell products and services.


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